It’s a world of Polka Dots and Moonbeams with some Sinatra classics and American Whiskey. And a very special bottle of Jack Daniels is opened for the first episode.

FD2: A Drink Alone

Diving right into a classic Old Fitzgerald bourbon that pairs nicely with some great songs from the Man, The guys discuss the moodier sounds of Frank Sinatra.

FD3: Nice, Smooth and Easy

Your hosts try to narrow down the smoothest Bourbon. And pick three songs from a pair of writers Sinatra loved working with.

FD4: Being Green

We’re celebrating St. Patty’s day with American Irish Whiskey or at least the closest thing to it. And talking Frank, Bono and Kermit the Frog.

FD5: “Doublerich”

Things get fancy with a pairing of Cream of Kentucky and Frank’s artistic side. Plus we crack open some expensive Jack Daniels.

FD6: Shaken and Stirred

Combing the two coolest guys working in the 1960s, this Frankly Drinking we’re talking Bond and Sinatra together in one show.

FD7: The Sunny Side

Taking Quarantine with some Cocktails and Toddies in hand, we look on the bright side. There are plenty of optimistic Sinatra numbers and a bottle of Old Forester Prohibition bourbon to get you through.

FD8: The New York Show

 Raising our glasses remotely to the Empire State and Manhattan, we send out support to the city that never gives up. With Brooklyn distillery Kings County providing the drams and a gentlemanly recipe for the classic Manhattan cocktail.

FD9: Thrice Mellowed 

On this episode, we pair three Heaven Hill 12 year old bourbons with three different Sinatra performances of the same song. 

FD10: Time after Time

On this episode we discuss the most important factor in making Whiskey and writing a good song while savoring a 25 year old Bourbon.

FD11: American Whiskey

We’re back with a new episode celebrating America with none other than American Whiskey from American Spirit Works and some American Sinatra tunes celebrating America. You can’t get more American than this American Whiskey America show!

FD12: Rye Summer

Pouring out the days with some New Riff Rye and hot summer tracks by the Man. This cool episode is blowing in like a hot Santa Ana across the Palm Desert Valley. Enjoy in the shade or with lots of ice.

FD13: DeLuxe

It does not matter where or when, Just listen to the latest episode. With Rodgers and Hart, Frank’s favorite songwriter, and paired with with some Bourbon DeLuxe and our Pal Joey.

FD14: I Remember Rummy

A big big episode about Big Band music and a big surprise to boot! We’re talking the Tommy Dorsey years on this episode and whiskey history during the wartime years.

FD15: Bourbon Heritage

We’re celebrating Bourbon heritage month with an all Bourbon episode. It’s three pours of a classic brand that has been revitalized and its predecessor. We’re drinking again with Old Taylor and Pinhook bourbons.

FD16: The Best I Ever Had

 It’s the end of the first season and we’ve dug up some rare stuff from Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Jack as we celebrate with an all Jack special episode. Featuring guest and Brand Historian Nelson Eddy of Jack Daniels and some of Sinatra’s most unheard tracks.


What are the Holidays without classic Sinatra music? Not the Holidays. So enjoy the first annual Frankly Drinking Christmas Special. With live performances by Dino, Sammy and Frank Sinatra. Who are we kidding. That’s not happening, But we’ve booked some great Whisky to go along with your Holiday soundtrack.

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